Avocado and Salmon on Toast

I’ve recently had an obsession with avocados, so here’s a little recipe I came up with myself for a quick way to use them for a light meal or as a snack!

I used a large fillet of salmon and cut it in half. Then, I heated a teaspoon of oil in a pan on a medium heat and placed both pieces of salmon on the oil. When it was slightly cooked I took it off the oil and added black pepper, paprika and mixed herbs to the pan and then put the salmon on the mixture, turning every few seconds.

Then, I cut slices from half an avocado and mashed up the other half of it. On toasted brown seeded bread I spread the mashed avocado and placed the avocado slices on top. Finally, I placed the pan-fried salmon and sliced tomato on top of the mashed avocado and added some washed spinach. To add the finishing touches I sprinkled some lemon juice and mixed herbs over the top. Voila, done!


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