Food from my Travel- Chimney Cake


The chimney cake seemed more like a pastry. I ate it a few times in Prague, with a different topping or filling each time. The chimney cake itself has a subtle sweet flavour, but if you’re like me and don’t like too much sweet this is perfect for you! The first time I tried it was near Prague Castle which is huge with an area 70,000m2 (the castle, not the cake). When I ordered a chimney cake, the baker removed it from the cooking pipe and rolled it in a dish with sugar, cinnamon and nuts to coat it. These toppings really complemented the subtle sweetness of the cake and gave it a rather interesting texture.

IMG_6522 (1)

The second time I had it, it was from a bakery where I chose to have chocolate inside it! That was definitely a great decision. If you’re in Prague you’ll find chimney cake sold on almost every street- sort of how you’d get a Starbucks coffee shop on every street in New York. I also recommend chimney cake with an ice cream filling, really cooled me down on a hot summer’s day.

If you go to Prague, you must try this!


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